About ParentSync:
ParentSync was founded by families of this time and generation who needed a better way to fulfill the commitments made to their children. In a time where the world seems to be getting crazier every day, the unwavering love and support of a parent is the most important guidance we can provide to our little ones.

Almost every form of family today - single, divorced, modern or traditional - is guilty of it: We work so hard to support our children with the best possible quality of life, that we inadvertently cause problems and disappointment in other areas for them. We end up being late to soccer games, dance recitals, or even birthday parties, just because we cannot keep on top of our own busy schedules, or have a hard time communicating times and place with our partners. Nothing makes a child feel less important than his or her own parent forgetting about some of the most important days of their lives.

We aren't just the founders of this company - we're family men trying to help other families who are faced with the same issues as us. Parentsync.com is a company dedicated to providing you with better tools to synchronize your modern life and calendar with the technology you already own. A simple internet connection, cell phone, and the commitment to fulfill your promises is all you need. Our tool set is here to give you timely reminders, the ability to share your calendars and communicate appointments easier with the rest of your family. We promise a simple, secure, and reliable process to provide you with this important information at the most critical times.

Both of us came out of divorced households, and both of us felt the pull of our own children and wives when we were recently deployed overseas with the US Army. All of these experiences taught us to value the little things a parent can do to make our children feel cherished and loved at all times, even the difficult ones. It taught us that just being where you promised to be can change your current relationship with your child to a better, more secure and loving one. Let us help you be a better parent and make your kids proud of you. There is no greater reward than their smile - when you suddenly know they look up to you and you've done well in their eyes.

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